Early Intervention for Autistics


Children’s brains develop fastest between ages 0-6 and represent the best window of opportunity for autism intervention, instituting training and therapy for rehabilitation. In view of the fact that public medical assistance and social service help for autistics are still inadequate and require a long waiting period. LoveXpress has coordinated a holistic one-year long project for low-income families whose children are newly diagnosed with autism and are in the queue for public medical assistance. Early Intervention for Autistic Families helps parents accept and positively face the realities of autism, and methodically help them plan the growth and development of their children within the golden treatment period of 0-6 years of age.


Target group

Children (ages 2 to 6) just diagnosed with autism and their parents from low income families

Children     Parents     Family



  • Professional team – university professors, special education specialists, clinical psychologists, professional therapists, speech therapists, senior counsellors
  • Experience the application of different kinds of treatments and therapies
  • Psychological, spiritual care and emotion counselling for families
  • Parents’ mutual support group; Domestic Training Workshop and information talks by specialists
  • Social network setup for autistic families
  • Regular home visits by social workers


Supporting Partners