Career planning for Autistics – Pre-employment workshop

In order to increase the success rate of interviews and adaptability at work, special workshops such as mock interviews, work environment and communication with colleagues are organized so that those with autism can do well.

Prepare for new levels of life, and arrange reverse workshops for companies, HR managers or employees who plan to recruit autistic people so that they can understand
To learn to communicate with autistic people and to meet and work with them in the future in order to increase acceptance and reduce the possibility of misunderstandings.


  • Enhance employees’ awareness and understanding of the strengths and skills of individuals with autism
  • Provide first-hand interactive experience between corporate volunteers and SEN participants
  • Establish, strengthen, and stabilize interview skills and experience in the preparation of professional roads at the Institute of Special Education
  • Deepen young people’s understanding and understanding of the financial industry


Mock Interview Workshop Process


Past Mock Interview Workshops

2017/8/19 Goldman Sachs
2017/10/9 J.P. Morgan
2018/6/27 Morgan Stanley
2018/7/9 Swiss Re