Experimental Workshop

Work with schools and groups to involve children in different guided workshops; invite industry to hold workshops and provide their professional skills to guide children.
Employers will be made aware of autistic children’s abilities, while increasing their confidence and establishing a basis for future employment.

Past workshops

2016/06/15 “Dessert Workshop” Hong Kong West Rotary Club Min Chi Chen Fai School
2016/06/22 “Dessert Workshop” Hong Kong West Rotary Club Min Chi Chen Fai School
09/26/2016 “Sweet Production Workshop” Xianghai Zhengzheng Lotus Buddhist Puguang School
2016/09/29 Po Leung Kelh Chen Li Ling (Hundred Anniversary) School of Dessert Production Workshop
2016/10/24 Sweet Dessert Workshop
2016/10/31 “Sweet Production Workshop” Rotary Club, Hong Kong Western District
2016/11/21 “Sweet Production Workshop” Caijun School
2016/12/30 The Dessert Production Workshop tries hard
2017/01/22 “Flora Jelly Cake Workshop” Autistic Children and Parents
2017/02/21 Sandbox Creation Workshop UOB Cosmo x City University of Hong Kong
2017/10/23 Flower Jelly Cake Workshop》 Hujiang Victoria School
2017/12/02 Caring Stone Workshop CPA Australia x Preschool Parenting Group
2017/12/2 Caring Stone Workshop BCT UnionPay Group