Community Awareness and Education

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Due to the general public’s lack of understanding regarding autism, it has led to unnecessary misunderstandings and discrimination. Through a series of special events, including the “Love Stone” roving exhibition, “Love Stone” painting workshop, school talks and more, these events will enable the public from different communities to have the opportunity to understand the special circumstances and needs of autistic friends and their families; From compassionate care, support assistance, reducing social misunderstandings, and improving the spirit of mutual assistance and love.


Through regular seminars and sharing sessions, including schools and companies, let the public know the causes, characteristics and treatment methods of autism.
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In order to promote social communion, we can arrange visits to special schools by mainstream school students, parents, and employees. We will also identify different interactive workshops, such as Caring Stone Workshops and Painting Workshops.


Carry out “Love Stone” roving exhibitions at more than 20 shopping malls to attract public awareness of autism, and to subscribe/paint love stones, to help friends with autism and to send us messages of love.