Career planning for Autistics

Project Purpose

It is very difficult for youths with autism to gain open employment opportunities in the workplace after completing their studies. This project aims to help these youths to receive appropriate vocational training and support through cooperation with various commercial or social enterprises and other organizations. The participants will get exposure to prospective careers, enhance their communication skills and demonstrate their vocational abilities to potential employers and customers. The opportunities for open employment can be greatly enhance the achievement of a win-win situation towards social integration by building a tolerant, understanding and harmonious work environment.



Target Demographic

Individuals with autism aged 15-30 years old.



1. Encourage family members to identify their child’s strengths early and assist them in their efforts
2. Business visits to enhance children’s vision
3. First-hand work experience which helps them determine their direction
4. Business internship builds the understanding of business social work procedures, preparing them for future integration into society
5. Pre-employment mock interview to understand the requirements of employers and learn workplace communication
6. Matching work not only helps children find suitable jobs, but also more importantly shares with employees how to effectively communicate with them and create a tolerant management solution and harmonious working environment
7. Provide internships and job opportunities